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July 10, 2019

Live Smarter with Roborock Amazon Prime Deals

Amazon Prime day, one of the biggest shopping days in the world is almost here, and we’ve prepared some Roborock deals for you to get started with home robots, upgrade your setup, or just because you want to.

If you want to drop straight in at the top with one of the best robots we produce, the Roborock S5 (in both black and white versions) will be available for just $398.99, down $171 from the original price. For a long time, this was our flagship robot vacuum, and it shows. Its LDS laser navigation system gives an ultra-precise map of your home, which it uses to clean your spaces effectively and logically. As it moves, a maximum of 2000Pa of suction power lifts dirt easily from floors and allows it to clean deep into carpets too. From the Mi Home app, you can set schedules, adjust cleaning power, and where it is, and the route it’s taken to get there in real-time right on your phone.

roborock s5

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If you’re less worried about pinpoint navigation and more about dust capacity, consider the Roborock E35. Available for $279.99, a discount of $70. Think of E35 as a simplified S5 with a larger dustbin. Instead of the LDS system, it uses an internal motion tracking system based on dual gyroscopes and distance trackers. Essentially, E35 can’t see your room, but by moving in a carefully controlled path and by building an internal map, it can figure out where your walls and obstacles are and where it needs to clean. In terms of cleaning power, it is identical to the Roborock S5, but its larger dustbin makes it perfect for homes with pets or lots of carpets.

Roborock E35

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For someone looking for a more affordable way to try living with a robot vacuum, the Roborock E25. Available for 248.04, a saving of 51.95. It uses the same internal navigation system as the Roborock E35 but comes with a smaller dustbin and less suction power. It’s great for homes without carpets or as a second robot in multi-level homes.

Roborock E25

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Unlike the black E25, the Roborock E20 is white and is otherwise identical. Available for 239, a discount of 60, it is the choice for you if a white robot fits better with your home décor.

Roborock E20

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With great Prime Day deals on so many robots, you’re sure to find one that suits your home.