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October 28, 2019

Roborock’s award winning model, S5 Max is now available in Europe

Enjoy up to 28% in total savings with on-site promotions worth up to $170!

Roborock, makers of ultra-intelligent home robotics, has today announced the availability of its newest, top of the line model, the Roborock S5 Max in Europe. This next-generation robotic home vacuum and mop is designed to provide seamless automated mopping that gives homes well-vacuumed, just-mopped floors every day. By combining an electric water tank with precision laser mapping and advanced navigation, Roborock is allowing users to select from a range of customization options including water flow, suction power, scheduled cleaning and even the room cleaning sequence.  

The S5 Max, which has racked in prestigious awards including “Best of IFA 2019” awards from Business Insider, PC Magazine and Android Headlines, will be available for purchase via Roborock’s authorized retailer on

Pre-sales begins on the 28th of October, and sales will officially begin on the 11th of November.

The S5 Max will be available at a promotional price of €450 ($499) for a limited time period. Customers can enjoy savings of up to €153 ($170) through several on-site promotions, and will also stand a chance of winning accessories such as the Mi Band 4.

Pre-Sales Period (28th October 2019 to 10th November 2019)

Available coupons for redemption:
1. Early-bird store coupon worth €22 ($24)
Obtained after doing any of the following: Add item to cart / Add item to wishlist/ Follow store Note: Coupon is available for redemption only between 28th October 2019 to 10th November 2019
2. Aliexpress selected coupons of €7 ($8) each
Obtained by engaging in on-site activities.

Note: This coupon is to be used for any eventual purchase of €136 ($150).

Sales Period (11
th November & 12 November)
Available savings & Giveaways:
1. Direct discount of €99 ($110)
2. Use Promotion Code “GPS5MX” worth €11 ($12) at checkout
3. Use Early-Bird Coupon (if applicable) at checkout for a further €22 ($24) discount.
4. Use Aliexpress selected coupons redeemed through on-site activities during pre-sales period.
Win fitness trackers by becoming the 1st 150 buyers of the Roborock S5 Max.
Transactions 1 - 50: Users will receive a Mi Band 4
Transactons 51 - 150: Users will receive a Mi Band 3

Total Possible Savings:
Discount of €99 ($110) + Early-bird store coupon €22 ($24) + Promotion Code €11 ($12) + 3 x Aliexpress Selected Coupons of €7 ($8) each, totalling €21 ($24)
Total promotion: €153 ($170)

All EUR values quoted here are based on the USD values, and may differ according to the daily exchange rates fluctuations