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October 15, 2018

Roborock Showcases the Upgraded Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner and the Xiaowa Series at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Roborock Showcases the Upgraded Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner and the Xiaowa Series at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Roborock, the design manufacturer behind the highly-rated Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, has continued to roll out great value-for-money robot vacuum cleaners over the past year, namely the flagship Roborock S5 in 2017 and more recently, Roborock's budget robot vacuum cleaner series Xiaowa.

Roborock at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018

Alongside the Roborock S5, the Xiaowa series was displayed in Roborock's booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 (Autumn Edition).

Roborock Xiaowa Series: The Ideal Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Following Roborock's successful launch of its budget robot vacuum Xiaowa Lite in March 2018, Roborock has since rolled out two additional Xiaowa models - the Xiaowa & Xiaowa Plus, both come with the Sweep & Mop function.

Roborock Xiaowa


  1. Sweeping & Mopping
    Sweeps and mops for cleaner floors. High-efficiency cleaning mode in Z-shape coverage. Even seepage to the microfiber mop, equipped with a 140ml water tank, supports continuous wet mopping for 45-60 minutes.
  2. 1800Pa Powerful Suction
    Roborock Xiaowa utilizes a high air flow brushless fan which delivers up to 1800Pa of air pressure for better cleaning performance.
  3. 2600mAh High-Capacity Battery
    Roborock Xiaowa comes with a 2600mAh lithium ion battery, allowing for 1.5 hours of run time. Supports auto-recharging and resumption function, which allows it to resume cleaning from where it left off.
  4. 640ml large dust box
    Large dust box reduces the need for frequent handling.

Roborock Xiaowa Plus
The Roborock Xiaowa Plus is an improved version of the Roborock Xiaowa in terms of suction power (2000Pa) and battery capacity (5200mAh). Roborock Xiaowa Plus comes in grey, breaking from the traditionally white color that the Roborock S5 and Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner have.

Visit Roborock's Official Website for more information.

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About Roborock
Roborock is a company invested in by Xiaomi that specializes in the research, development and production of smart appliances. A member enterprise of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, Roborock's products makes up an important part of the Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem, also known as Mijia.
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