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Xiaowa E3 Path-Planning Robovac

Advanced space gray

Methodical cleaning perfection

Sweeping + mopping

Independent path planning

2000Pa pressure suction

5200mAh battery capacity for long battery life

Deep-space gray with modern texture

The high-tech Xiaowa robot brings a touch of luxury with a sleek, metallic gray finish. Combining its modern style with independent, logical planning abilities, the Xiaowa gently balances its aesthetic qualities to look both gorgeous and low-key. Matching a variety of furniture styles, it is both functional and attractive, fitting perfectly into any room.

Independent path planning and sweeping

A dual-gyroscope inertial navigation system collaborates with two high-precision optical motion tracking sensors and other sensors to support real-time path planning. 2000Pa powerful suction combined with a plant-inspired wet mopping system enables simultaneous sweeping and mopping for instant cleaning. Use technology to do the dirty work so you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

Dual gyroscope system

Electronic eye tracking

Route planning

Sweeping + mopping

App-based control

Dual gyroscope sharp perception angle

Straight line cleaning, without haphazard turning

Equipped with high-precision Japanese Epson and German six-axis Bosch dual gyroscope systems, reducing the effect of perception error by a single gyroscope. The gyroscopes sense all changes to the robot's angle, and flexibly adjust the body to clean methodically. Whether moving on a flat surface, avoiding obstacles, or after being lifted, the robot cleans in straight lines without haphazard turning.

"Electronic eye" accurately maps every step without fail

Equipped with dual laser + LED motion tracking sensors, sensing the ground at a high frequency for analysis. The sensory data is input into a digital signal processor to compare the front and back images, accurately calculating the robot's direction and displacement. Even in the complex home environment, the robot can determine its position on the map and identify areas that have already been cleaned, reducing redundant re-sweeping.

Mapping improves cleaning efficiency

With up to 13 types of sensors, multi-data fusion generates maps in real time, understanding which areas have already been swept. High-precision sensors simultaneously detect angles and distances, ensuring controlled and steady movement. The overall efficient cleaning plan resembles a zigzag pattern.
* The cleaning path is calculated according to the actual situation. The picture is only for reference only.
Xiaowa E3 map

Automatic recharge and resumption from where left off

No redundant cleaning

Supports breakpoint cleaning. If the area is too large for one-time cleaning, the robot automatically returns to the charging dock, recharges to 80% capacity, then returns to the breakpoint to continue cleaning. In addition, if you suspend or move the robot during cleaning, after returning it to its original position, it can continue cleaning without repeating the previously cleaned areas.

Automatic recharge

Breakpoint cleaning

* The maximum number of breakpoints during one cleaning session is two.

Strong cleaning and even mopping

With a powerful 2000Pa suction vacuum, the side brush, vertical roller brush, and other three-dimensional cleaning systems can easily absorb floating dirt, dust, hair, and other debris while simultaneously deep cleaning the floor and sucking the dust from between floor tiles. With a plant-inspired wet mopping system, it sweeps and mops simultaneously, leaving your floor twice as clean with a single use.
Xiaowa E3 cleaning and mopping

2000Pa suction for powerful cleaning

The high-volume brushless fan has a maximum pressure of about 2000Pa*, quickly and effectively sucking up dust from the ground or carpet for an instant clean.
* Tests conducted by Stone Science and Technology Laboratory show that in actual use of the product, the pressure is about 2000Pa when set at MAX cleaning mode.

Streamlined air duct design for cleaning perfection

An aerodynamic, streamlined air duct design and a bell-shaped high static pressure zone greatly enhance suction power. The three-stage arc surface design on the windward side of the air duct smoothly guides airflow, creating high static pressure and low noise.
Plant-inspired wet mopping system
In the newly designed plant-inspired wet mopping system, the filter core is like the root, and the mop is the leaf. Water is absorbed into the mop as it would be into a leaf, enabling wet mopping of 45-60 minutes*. Water is evenly distributed during mopping and does not pool on the floor when the robot is stationary.
* Tests conducted by Stone Science and Technology Laboratory show that the actual wet mopping time depends on the ground environment. The experimental results are for reference only.

More comprehensive features to better match your lifestyle

With up to 13 types of sensors, the system uses intelligent algorithms and powerful understanding of obstacles to easily handle complex real-world home environments and special cleaning needs.
Omni-directional recharge sensor
Electronic compass sensor
Infrared deceleration sensor
Dust box detection sensor
Infrared recharge sensor
Cliff sensor
Motion tracking sensor
Dual gyroscope/accelerometer
Fall sensor
Mileage and
Fan speed sensor
Furniture detection and deceleration to avoid damage

A group of 7 infrared deceleration sensors comprises a light-sensing deceleration array. Each group of sensors detects obstacles in front of them 50 times per second, sensing obstacle distance in real-time and decelerating to just tap furniture gently, preventing damage to the furniture and robot.

Clean under beds with enough space below

The robot identifies obstacles using infrared light, determines the obstacle category, decelerates, easily passes through soft obstacles such as curtains and sheets, and cleans right up to the sides of hard obstacles.

Easily negotiating 2cm-high obstacles

Obstacles of height up to 2cm* can easily be negotiated, including ordinary door thresholds and household items such as wires and cables.

Xiaowa E3
Cleaning along walls

When along a wall, the robot always keeps a proper distance to avoid damage, cleaning the gap with its high-speed rotating side brush.

Release mode

In complex home environments, if the robot encounters a problem such as getting stuck, it can take the initiative and quickly withdraw from the area.

Carpet Boost mode

Carpets are automatically recognized, and the maximum suction is automatically turned on. Normal suction is automatically restored after leaving a carpeted area.

* The carpet suction mode must be turned on in the Mi Home app. Note that some long-haired carpets may not be cleaned properly.

Fall prevention mode

Four cliff sensors located throughout the robot body sense the height of steps in real time to prevent falls and ensure safe cleaning.

* Depending on the color of the ground, some light-colored ground trigger heights are up to approximately 7cm.

Spot cleaning mode

If there is a localized area of debris to be cleaned, quickly press the spot cleaning button to start. The robot automatically cleans the area within 1.2 meters of the start position.

Virtual wall mode

The dual electronic compass sensors correctly recognize virtual walls and are more accurate than a single electronic compass. Combine single or multiple virtual walls to specify no-go zones, ensuring safe cleaning.

640ml dust box, which can be emptied once a week

Empty the dust box once a week, reducing the frequency of hands-on maintenance. The FIP-class sealed dust box design will not spill dust even after long-term use. The integrated large-area E11-grade washable filter screen filters out dust and blows out clean air, preventing secondary pollution. Filter detection ensures filter installation and avoids damage to the fan


Large dust bin


Sealing method


Washable strainer backing
Xiaowa E3 dust box

3 hair removing systems for extra peace of mind

The main brush, side brush and omni-directional wheel are designed to prevent hair from entering the robot and jamming the motor. The accompanying small cleaner can be used to effectively clean the main brush hair and ensure cleaning performance.

Anti-winding main brush bearing

Tangle-free omni-directional wheels

Tangle-free side brush

Omni-directional recharge technology ensures worry-free use at any time

It is equipped with an omni-directional recharge sensor, a 360° induction recharging signal locks the charging dock, and it uses the map to plan a quick route back for recharging. It also has a charging dock anti-collision signal to avoid damaging the robot or charging dock.
Xiaowa E3 recharge

Built with the heart of a craftsman to be modular and durable

Six modules (omni-directional wheel, main brush, side brush, wheels *2, battery) can be disassembled and installed separately, making maintenance more efficient.
Xiaowa E3 top gap Xiaowa E3 dust box Xiaowa E3 middle drive Xiaowa E3 dust box container Xiaowa E3 slide brush Xiaowa E3 battery Xiaowa E3 wheel Xiaowa E3 bottom gap Xiaowa E3 water box Xiaowa E3 veer wheel

A single app remotely controls everything

Open the Mi Home app to remotely start cleaning at any time, as well as view the working status of the robot and the cleaning map in real time. Coming home from work to the comfort of a clean home makes all the difference. Schedule, start, pause, or cancel cleaning tasks with the click of a button. In addition, you can remotely upgrade the software system, and continuous optimization of the update algorithm makes the robot smarter.

Live map

Timer cleaning

Online upgrade

Say hello to a more comfortable life

Luxurious yet minimalist design with a sleek body, IMR textured exterior, and a high-tech aesthetic.
* All data are from internal experiments or reports by Stone Technology unless otherwise indicated. Actual results will vary depending on the environment and method of use.